Infrared Sauna

Rejuvenate Your Body with a Session in our Infrared Sauna

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Infrared Sauna for Stress Relief & Relaxation

At Onyx Medspa and Laser Clinic we offer a dry infrared sauna to promote health and wellness. Wrap yourself in the warmth of our spacious five-person infrared sauna and relax in style. Feel the stress of the day melt away as increased circulation triggers the release of endorphins, loosening tight muscles, and making you feel better all over.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Since the skin is our largest organ, it plays an important role in detoxification. Although the majority of internal detoxification is done by the kidneys and liver, studies have shown that sweat plays an important role in the excretion of certain substances such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. In fact, excretion via the skin may match or even exceed that of urinary excretion. The deep penetration of the infrared energy and subsequent thermal stress may also help aid the liver and kidney with the detoxification process.

Give Infrared Sauna Time as a Gift

Treat yourself after a hard day at work or give a gift to someone special.

Onyx Medspa and Laser Clinic takes pride in catering to both men's and women’s therapy needs. Consider infrared sauna treatments for an amazing addition to your massage relaxation experience.